Nutrition Facts and Health Effects of Pork

When you eat pork, cooked the right way and in well balanced quantities, it becomes a perfect meal. Our Romanian taste considers pork the most beloved food, for its savory taste, preferred by many throughout the year, regardless of season.

Benefits for 100g

Pork is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals: iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, and provides several important vitamins: B, B6, B12, nicotinic acid, thiamine and riboflavin.

  • Proteins - half of daily requirements.
  • Iron -15% of daily requirements.
  • Zinc - 30% of daily requirements.
  • Vitamins, minerals 

Nutritional benefits

A rich content of proteins. One serving of 100 g of pork has half of the daily requirements for an adult, and lean pork meat is considered one of the richest sources of proteins.

The proportion of fats vary in different body parts. Pork contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid, an essential fat acid, needed by the body to work properly.

Pork is rich in thiamin, one of the B-range vitamins that plays an essential role in our body.

Plays an important role in blood and brain functioning. Lack of B12 vitamin can cause anemia and neurons damage.

Important for developing red cells.

Important for growth and metabolism.

Pork products are a good source of iron.

Important for brain health and immunity system.

Pork is an ideal source of selenium, essential in fighting against heart diseases and cancer.

Nutrition articles

We all know Ion Creanga’s story, in which the unattractive pig becomes prince charming at night. I don’t know how come the pig became a negative symbol for both cleaning habits and behavior, because for good luck and wealth, he is still the champion. Almost it doesn’t matter if you eat like a pig, if you have a piggy luck. 

The proof that the pig comes with money and wealth is the fact that even from the 18th Century, the piggy banks looked like pigs. In the old times, the families that used to raise a pig in the back yard, had their one-year amount of food -fresh and kept in jars, fat, cold cuts, fresh and smoked, more than enough, and also fat for soaps and candles. 

Everything about the pig is good, from tip to toe, and is also an animal easy to raise, that eats just about anything, and doesn’t need to go to pasture. The fact that we are genetically close with the pig (95% from our DNA is common with the pig) should bring us joy, not scare us. From the pig, we take the insulin for diabetic patients, heart valves for heart disease patients, and eye retina for the patients with eye problems. Even though the Jews and Muslims ban the pork consumption, worldwide, pork is the preferred meat: 40% pork, 30% poultry, and 25% beef. 

The pig is the most intelligent of all farm animals, but at the same time hard to understand. If he jumps in the mud, he doesn’t do it because he likes to be dirty, it is because he needs to protect his sun sensitive skin and also to protect it against parasites -the dry mud is like a shell. Anyways, it is a clean animal, and in case it would be raised in the open air, it would never sleep in dirt and would only eat “goodies”: acorn, chestnuts, vegetables, wild fruits, roots and mushrooms. In an ideal world, the pig would live free in the forest and only in the fall, after gaining weight, should be sacrificed. On top of all, he is also very good as a pet, even more talented than dogs in finding truffles. 

The pig was always a friend of humans, and lived free in cities, finding food, before cleaning services ever existed. In the 20th century, the pig was a farm animal, but this doesn’t make it less tasty and nutritious. The pig is an omnivore animal and monogastric, therefore, the meat nutritional qualities shows the way in which it was fed. Its reputation, that has a fat meat, does not have any reasons. It is a confusion between carcass global water content and meat fat content. The pig fat is found only in the lower parts, not inside the fibers. Therefore, we can take out the fat easily, before or after cooking. 

We are the only ones responsible for the meat we choose tenderloin has the lowest lipids content (2-3%), chops have 7%, pork neck are 12-25%, and spareribs almost 45%. But did you know it contains fat, healthier than cow or sheep fat? ? Pork fat is richer in fat acids polyunsaturated, approximately 50% from pork lipids are fat monounsaturated acids, like olive oil fat? More than that, the pork fat contains Omega 3 essential fat acids (acid linoleic and alfa-linoleic), elements that give this meat special nutritious qualities. 

We agree that the pig is not dirty, nor fat or without manners. Then, why is it not on Romanian tables, on a top place? Maybe because we don’t like to agree that laziness and messiness are part of human beings, and the meat is preferred by anybody. So, what’s fair is fair, let’s be honest and make peace with the pig… we could really use the money and luck, but also pork neck with fries. 


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Epic Recipes

• 500 grams of bacon (thick slices, cut into pieces);
• 2 small onions, chopped;
• 1 shallot chopped;
• 1/2 cup of maple syrup;
• 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar;
• 2 spoons of mustard;
• 2 teaspoons of Worchestershire sauce;
• coarse salt and black pepper.


Put a large iron pot on the cooker. Add the bacon and stir until it becomes brown and crispy (about 15 minutes). Keep all bacon fat in the pot. Reduce heat. Add the onions and the shallot and fry them well until they are soft (around 8 minutes). Add the maple syrup, vinegar, mustard and Worchestershire sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Put half a cup of water to the mixture and stir until it becomes smooth. Leave everything to boil, then turn the heat to the minimum and stir occasionally. In about an hour, the gem will have a thick consistency. Leave the gem to cool down for about 20-30 minutes. Transfer it in a blender to mash the remaining large pieces. Don’t leave it too much in the blender! Its consistency must remain thick! Transfer the gem into a container that you can keep in the fridge. Keep it cool for about a month! Doesn’t have a long shelf life! 

• 1 kg pork tenderloin; 
• 100 ml white wine;
• 10 cloves of garlic;
• 3 tablespoons of oil;
• 1 teaspoon of salt/ paprika/ pepper/ dry thyme.


Cut the pork fillet in slices of about 1 cm thick, then put them in an oven tray. Sprinkle seasonings on the meat. Cut the garlic cloves into thin slices and put 3-4 slices on the piece of meat. Spray the meat with a little oil and then pour the wine in the tray, along with half a glass of water. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees. Cooking time is between 40-45 minutes. Enjoy!


• 1 pork tenderloin (approx. 400 gr);
• 1/2 small onion (approx. 20 gr);
• 2 large garlic cloves;
• 1 bay leaf;
• 1/2 teaspoondried oregano;
• 1/4 teaspoon smoked paprika;
• 3/4 teaspoon sweet paprika;
• 1/4 teaspoon grounded cinnamon;
• teaspoon vinegar;
• 2 tablespoons olive oil;
• 1 green pepper with thin shell ;
• sea salt and black pepper.


Clean the tenderloin of skin. Cut into dices of approx. 2 cm. In a small robot, put the onion, garlic, bay leaf, oregano, paprika and cumin. Sprinkle two intakes of sea salt and black pepper. Add the vinegar and the oil. Mix everything until you get a reddish paste. Pour the marinade over the meat, cover the pot and leave it in the fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight. Before preparing the skewers, take out the meat and let it return to room temperature. Place the skewers on the hot grill for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the skewers on a platter and sprinkle them with a few drops of Tabasco sauce. For serving: Tabasco sauce, parsley oil, and grilled slices of Prague baguette.


• Comtim pork leg (deboned, degreased – 3 Kg); 
• 4 tablespoons of honey (100 g);
• 120g of Dijon mustard;
• 10-12 garlic cloves (20 g);
• Dry rosemary (2 teaspoons);
• Bay laurel (4 leaves);
• Balsamic vinegar (4 tablespoons);
• 300ml of meat broth (homemade or cube);
• Olive oil (4 tablespoons);
• Salt, ground pepper.


Wash the pork leg, wipe it of water (blotting with paper towels). Mix in a bowl the honey with the Dijon mustard, the garlic passed through a press, the rosemary and the olive oil. Spread a little salt (not a lot if you use a concentrated cube of meat broth) and ground pepper. Add balsamic vinegar and blend well. Place the pork ham in a large bowl or even in the tray you are going to use in the oven, if it fits in the fridge. Pour the marinade over the meat and “rub” it slightly, so that the entire ham is covered evenly with marinade. Cover and leave for a few hours (ideally from day to day) for the flavors to enter the meat. Preheat the oven at 180°C and take the meat out of the fridge to reach room temperature. Pour the soup in the tray, beside the meat, and put the bay laurel leaves. Cover the tray with foil and put it in the oven. Leave for 1 hour and a half, making sure that you turn the ham halfway. Remove the foil, increase the oven temperature at 210°C and leave for about 20-25 minutes for the steak to catch a little color. When finished, the steak must be tender and ruddy! Serve with vegetable garnish!

Marinated Pork Spareribs

With the potatoes side dish, the things become easy, it will be roasted in the oven, at the same time with the marinated spareribs. In case you don’t want, or you don’t have in the house sweet potatoes, you can prepare the recipe using only regular potatoes. 

Pork Burger

The recipe for pork hamburger is ready in 15 minutes, and it is very delicious, a real deal! The burger can be cooked in the grill pan and also in the grill from the backyard. The pork burgers can be cooked in a regular non-sticky frying pan. Enjoy Comtim burger every day.

Sausages Skewers

This recipe will be the answer in case you are wondering how to vary your dishes using fresh sausages. There are some situations in which these skewers are the perfect match. For example, when you are in a hurry or when you are just in the mood for something unexpectedly delicious.

"Mici" on Bread

"Mici" on bread, a simple and fast way to enjoy the Romanian traditional taste, in a new way. You will appreciate this original dish, warm and very tasty, in any occasion, especially when you want to include it in a menu with more Romanian traditional dishes.